2017 Summer Camp


Welcome to my Dominique Moceanu Summer Gymnastics Camp (DMSGC)! Newly added in 2017, I am proud to have partnered up with Gymnastics World Twinsburg (GWT) to host my summer camps. This is where you have fun, flip, and finesse your gymnastics moves.

I aim to motivate and inspire gymnasts to be their very best no matter what they do in gymnastics or in life. I, along with my staff at camp, aim to build up the athletes to believe in their fullest potential. Our staff expects all of the gymnasts to come in with an attitude ready to learn, be good listeners, and put their best efforts forward each and every day. With our experienced and fun-loving staff, our campers are sure to have a great time, and learn much during their camp sessions. An Olympian will be present at each camp session to work with the campers and provide their expertise.

dmgym2All of the events (Vault, Bars, Beam and Floor) will be done daily along with a dance session, trampoline, and a yoga session to improve mobility and flexibility in your athletes. I’m a firm believer in the amazing benefits yoga classes provide. With that in mind, I’ve added yoga to the camps making it unlike any gymnastics camp you will attend. Yoga reduces stress and creates excellent lifelong health benefits. I also believe it is so needed in our gymnastics community, because oftentimes, specific attention to flexibility is neglected. Yoga will be a step in the right direction to improve your athletes flexibility, and overall health. Coaches are welcome to participate in this wind down session with the campers. It makes for a fun and productive wind down session. A seasoned professional yoga instructor will come to wind down our campers at the end of the camp day.

At our summer day camp, you’ll find that our highly motivated staff are trained to be their individual best every day putting their knowledge to work with your athletes.

Join us for our summer gymnastics day camp which will be filled with fun, flips, and finesse! I look forward to seeing you all!

~Dominique Moceanu
  Camp Director