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3a4b04_31d6f0834b9b456ca971aaa131bf1fa3“Dominique Moceanu has never let youth stand in her way. As the daughter of Romanian immigrants who fled a communist regime, Moceanu soon became an accomplished athlete beyond her years as her family started a new life in the U.S. In 1996, at the age of 14, she was the youngest member of the gold medal-winning U.S. women’s gymnastics team at the Summer Olympics. These days, Moceanu is putting her business sense and entrepreneurial spirit to good use as founder of Creations by C & C, a custom jewelry company where she serves as executive manager and jewelry designer.n draw inspiration from my gold medal, and I’m so proud to have been a member of such a historic team of remarkable women.”


Dominique Moceanu: “Our Team Paved The Way”

3a4b04_31d6f0834b9b456ca971aaa131bf1fa3“Our Olympic gold medal changed our lives forever, and it radically transformed the landscape of gymnastics in the United States. Our team victory paved the way for future World team gold medals and Olympic team gold medals, because it served as proof that team championships in women’s gymnastics were not solely reserved for the Soviets or Romanians. I’ve found, too, that the Olympic gold medal gains even more meaning the more distance I get from it. Today, my children draw inspiration from my gold medal, and I’m so proud to have been a member of such a historic team of remarkable women.”


Dominique Moceanu Says Son’s Gymnastics Skills are ‘Impressive’

dominique-moceanu-600x800The very first time Olympic gymnast Dominique Moceanu saw her 5-year-old son Vincent Michael do a back handspring, she was blown away.

“He’d only done it a couple of times with a spot,” she says. “But then a few weeks ago, all of a sudden, he just threw a back handspring.”

Vincent’s skill is more advanced than his mother’s was at that age — she says she didn’t learn the same stunt until she was 6 or 7.


The Olympian and the CrossFitterWall Street Journal

moceanu-foucherA couple of years back, a former high school gymnast from Michigan named Julie Foucher was in the hunt to win the CrossFit Games—the fast-growing strength and endurance competition that determines, in its own words, “the fittest on earth.”…Foucher began to ramp up her competitive training, working as usual with her longtime CrossFit coach, Doug Chapman. But she wanted a little outside help. Gymnastics help. Help on specifics like those handstand push-ups. She asked around, and discovered that there was a gymnast in the Cleveland area interested in helping her: Dominique Moceanu.

Julie Foucher Out To ProveCleveland Plain Dealer

“She’s never been more comfortable in the uncomfortable,” Moceanu said. “Her mental strength at this point and time is a huge asset and something she was working on with us over the last 10 months. Julie is more ready than ever, and I’m really excited for the world to see.”

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