Dominique Moceanu Summer Gymnastics Camp

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Welcome to Dominique Moceanu Summer Gymnastics Camp (DMSGC)! 

The primary focus for our gymnastics camp is to have your child experience gymnastics in a safe and caring environment. Housed at our state-of-the-art facility, the camp is also a place where gymnasts will have fun, flip, and finesse their gymnastics.

I aim to motivate and inspire gymnasts to be their very best no matter what they do in gymnastics or in life. After all, I believe that sports can serve as a lifestyle model. I, along with my staff at camp, work to build confidence in our athletes and help them to believe in themselves and achieve their fullest potential. 

Our staff expects all attending gymnasts to arrive with positive attitudes, be ready to learn, be good listeners, and put their best efforts forward each and every day. With our experienced and fun-loving staff, our campers are sure to have a great time, and learn much during their camp sessions with us. 

An Olympian or a collegiate gymnast special guest will be present at each full day (9-4PM) camp session to work with the gymnasts and share their expertise. Campers will have an opportunity to take photos and get autographs with each Olympian/collegiate athlete at a designated time during the camp week. 

All of the events (Vault, Bars, Beam and Floor) will be practiced daily along with a dance class, trampoline rotation, and a yoga session (3x/week) to improve mobility and flexibility. I’m a firm believer in the amazing health benefits of yoga. That’s why I’ve added yoga to my camps, making them unlike any other gymnastics camp you’ll attend. Yoga reduces stress and creates excellent lifelong health benefits. For example, our young campers are given tools to de-stress during yoga and these breathing and stretching exercises will come in handy as they become adults. Yoga is the gift that keeps on giving! Great for health and overall well-being, our yoga classes also improve athletes’ flexibility and ability to breathe effectively. Our yoga sessions also make for productive wind-down period at the end of the day. A professional yoga instructor will teach the campers three times during the week on Monday through Friday camps. 

On our final day of each full day (9-4pm) camp session, the campers perform for their families, so make sure to come a half hour early to grab a seat, invite family members if you wish, and watch the children perform a dance and skills exhibition! 

At our summer camps, you’ll find that our highly motivated staff is carefully trained to be their individual best -- each day putting their knowledge to work with the children. 

I hope you’ll join us for the fun. I look forward to seeing you at camp!

Gymnastically Yours,

Dominique Moceanu, OLY

Owner/Camp Director

American Camp Association (ACA) Camp Director Certified

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Positive Experiences

This camp exceeded my expectations
— Facebook Review
The staff was amazing! They were helpful, motivating, encouraging and just the best!
— Facebook Review

Chalk Talks!

The low coach to athlete ratio enables the staff to quickly identify individualized best practices for encouraging growth for each of the gymnasts
— Facebook Review
I loved the fact too that Dominique doesn’t just have her name on the camp - she is hands on helping each girl with skills and very patient and willing to answer any question from us parents too.
— Facebook Review

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Camp Mission Statement

The Dominique Moceanu Summer Gymnastics Camp (DMSCG) mission is to provide an environment of self-belief, positivity and encouragement for children to experience gymnastics.

Camp Purpose

The DMSGC has been specifically designed to provide a positive environment for children to experience gymnastics. Through support, empathy and positive communication, we encourage all attendees at our camp to be the best versions of themselves each and every day. Our goal is to inspire self-belief so that each child’s self-esteem can flourish. The Dominique Moceanu Summer Gymnastics Camp is much more than gymnastics. While we of course focus on gymnastics as our primary activity at the camp, we believe that the most important part of the experience is to create an environment of safety and positivity while learning about the great sport of gymnastics. Everyone at DMSGC is dedicated to helping children believe in themselves.

Camp Motto:

“Flip! Finesse! Fun! All children are invited to dream big and have a great time!”

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