Team World Vision 

Building a Better World for Children

More than 90 percent of natural disaster-related deaths occur in developing countries, where poverty and lack of resources exacerbate the suffering. Team World Visions works in many of these countries, preparing for disasters before they happen, and responding quickly when they do.

How You Can Help
You can help, too, by sponsoring a child like Dominique and her family. Millions of children around the world need help to break the never-ending cycle of poverty. Hunger weakens them. Unsafe drinking water makes them sick. Missing out on an education keeps them from reaching their potential. As a sponsor, you will help provide a child with sustainable access to appropriate life-changing basics like nutritious food, clean water, healthcare, and education. Child sponsorship also helps families and communities lift themselves out of poverty by providing job training, business coaching, small loans, along with training to help poverty-affected farmers learn new ways to irrigate and grow crops.

The Foundation for Survivors of Abuse

The Foundation for Survivors of Abuse focuses on removing the statute of limitations to provide justice and healing for survivors of abuse. Founders Deondra and Desirae Brown are working to create a face for victims of sexual abuse everywhere. They are involved in a nationwide media campaign to highlight these important issues and promote victims’ rights. Dominique serves as a Special Ambassador on the Board of Advisors.

How You Can Help
An essential part of the healing process for survivors is the ability to seek justice and prevent the potential for abuse against others by prosecuting the predators who commit these vicious crimes. Currently, the statutes of limitations for crimes of sexual abuse vary widely from state to state, and fail to protect millions of innocent people dealing with the devastating effects of these crimes. Your monetary donation will help this organization work to remove these unenlightened, antiquated laws, and remove the time limit on justice and healing for survivors.

Wigs For Kids

Helping Children Look Themselves and Live Their Lives

When Children lose their hair, they don’t just suffer physically. The change in their appearance can drastically undermine their self-image and sabotage their self-esteem. To help heal the pain of these struggles, Wigs For Kids was founded and has been serving children suffering from hair loss since 1981.

How You Can Help
You can help by sponsoring a child, making a one-time donation or donating hair at a Wigs For Kids partner salon. For more information, visit

The mission of Safe 4 Athletes is to be an advocate for athlete welfare where every athlete is provided a safe and positive environment free of abuse, bullying and harassment. Safe4Athletes is a not-for-profit organization that:

  • Advocates for and helps sports organizations adopt effective policies, procedures and educational programs
  • Assists sports organizations faced with situations involving sexual misconduct, bullying, harassment and other forms of inappropriate conduct on how to handle these situations appropriately and act quickly to restore safe environments for athletes.
  • Provides a safe and confidential place where abused athletes, their parents or others concerned about the impact of coach/volunteer/peer misconduct can call to receive advice and counseling.
  • Encourages and helps educate all parents and athletes to be more aware of what they can do to recognize inappropriate coach/volunteer/peer behavior and understand how traumatic the effects of such experiences can be for athletes.
  • Partners with state, regional, and national sports governing associations and other national sports organizations to encourage the adoption of legislation mandating that their members adopt strong policies, procedures and educational programs regarding this issue.

How You Can Help
Whether you are an athlete, parent, or advocate, you can help in many ways. Visit the Safe 4 Athletes website to learn more or to financially support their mission.